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Why Us?

Our flat law fees, quality legal services, and innovative business model.

Our flat law fees

If you want to find an affordable lawyer that charges a flat fee in New York, New Jersey, or Pennsylvania - look no further. Our services are geared to those individuals and businesses that need a reliable lawyer who charges a flat rate for legal services.

We pride ourselves on delivering quality legal services at a competitive price point. We charge a flat rate, there are no hourly or hidden fees for the legal services listed on this website. Consult your retainer agreement for details.

How do we do it?

We leverage smart technology.

Our lawyers execute legal tasks wherever they are, coordinate with you online, and can access your file with the tap or swipe of a finger. It is after all the 21st century, we work smarter not harder.

We value your time and our time.

Rather than waste time on commuting, we offer our lawyers the flexibility of telecommuting. No need to waste precious hours stuck in traffic or on crowded public transportation. This way our lawyers have high morale and more time to focus on actual clients' work. We care more about getting the work done, work-life balance, and our clients' budget; not a flashy image or unnecessary frills.

Same goes for you, we offer virtual meetings or phone consultations before, after or during regular business hours. No reason to take time off or spend extra time traveling to our physical office.

Connect with us from the convenience of your home or office.

We try to maintain low overhead.

We avoid high overhead costs and unnecessary expenses. We prefer to be wise with our budget. Times have changed, so have we. We have a main office and satellite office locations for paying clients to meet with an attorney. Our multiple locations help us cover more territory, but we only incur expenses when these satellite facilities are used for actual legal services. It is the best of both worlds - we provide proximity when necessary without the need to staff these additional locations full-time. We also provide the option to meet remote by phone or video call, or at your place of business or other convenient location.

We pass our savings on to you.

In this frugal manner we save money, which we pass on to you. By lowering our operation costs and leveraging technology it helps everyone out. Plus we feel that once you use us and pass the word on to others of your positive experience, it will generate more business and help us grow. A positive referral from a friend or family member is the best advertising out there.

No reason to be penny-wise, dollar foolish, right?

Our quality legal services

Our services speak for themselves. We treat our clients with fairness and respect, this shows in our approach to lawyering.

Regardless your income status or level of legal services, we believe you deserve a positive experience.

Just because we offer flat law fees for legal services does not mean you receive less service. Rather it means you receive legal services right for your budget and a low fee lawyer that delivers as promised.

Our expanding business model

As our law practice grows we reinvest our earnings in order to expand our capabilities. Our goal is to continue expanding our legal presence into new jurisdictions and practice areas, more office locations, additional lawyers, and ultimately the ability to accept more business.

Please check back often for new office locations and additional legal services coming soon.

A flat fee lawyer is only a phone call, text or click away.

We also offer legal consultations by email, phone/video or in-person.

Schedule an appointment today and speak to a flat fee attorney at your convenience

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