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Protect yourself and your property rights with a real estate attorney.

Whether you need a lawyer for a real estate closing, to file a deed transfer, prepare a lease, or review your mortgage - we can help safeguard your real estate interests today.

Take care of your home or investment property


Ensure the sale of your property actually takes place. It's official only with a successful real estate closing. An accepted offer is just the beginning, make it legally binding or start over.


Now that your offer has been accepted, it's time to go into contract. Be confident in your purchase and take the right legal steps prior to closing. It's a big investment; be a savvy real estate buyer.


Formalize your rental agreement, put the terms in writing. Create a clear record to avoid potential disputes or misunderstandings. Be proactive, reduce your risk with a lease or other.

Property Deed

Change your deed in accordance with legal requirements, make it valid and binding. Take title the best way possible and with the proper type of deed, avoid future issues.


Know your legal situation; approach a financial contingency with a lawyer by your side. Avoid feeling pressured or overwhelmed. Be wise in your decision to borrow money.

1031 Exchange/Escrow

Be smart, use a third party lawyer and comply with tax or legal requirements. Understand the importance of a neutral lawyer, hire a qualified intermediary or escrow attorney.

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Our residential real estate services:

We offer the following deliverables listed below. Should you need a real estate lawyer for another reason, contact us to find out whether we can help.

Real Estate Closing

Sale of Property

Purchase of Property

1-3 Family House

Multi-Family Property

Mixed-Use or Commercial

Building or Other

Cooperative Apartment

Condominium Unit

Vacant Land


New Construction

Foreclosed/Bank Owned

Short Sale

Rental Agreements




Room Share



Ownership Interests

Property Deed Transfer

Condo / Co-op Offering Plan

Chain of Title Review

Third Party Attorney

Escrow Attorney

Qualified Intermediary

1031 Exchange

Financial Contigencies

Mortgage Commitment


Home Improvement Loan

Lending Agreement

Flat Fee Real Estate Lawyers

"The real estate lawyer that handled my transaction regularly informed of any changes and always treated me with respect. Everything was taken care of with professionalism and integrity. Best of all, I received quality legal services for a low flat fee. I am very satisfied." - Teresa M., Queens, NY

Whether you are selling your home or buying a house for the first time, purchasing an investment property or selling it and need a 1031 exchange attorney to hold your funds until you close on a property. Need a rental agreement for your tenant, adding a name to a deed, or simply want some legal assistance with your real estate matter. It can be a highly stressful experience and an important financial decision. Laws governing real estate can be complicated and pose risks for the unwary. Consult with a real estate lawyer to reduce your risk and help protect your real estate investment. Hire a lawyer today to avoid problems down the road later. Make sure to safeguard your property interests and find a lawyer for your real estate closing or property management legal needs that will be a legal resource to you at an affordable rate for your budget. Our law office offers low flat fees for real estate services in NY & NJ. In fact, we offer legal fees that are competitive when compared to most lawyers that bill by the hour. We look forward to being your real estate closing lawyer, or to assist you with your legal needs for your investment property or home in any way we can.