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Real Estate Buyer's Attorney

Hire a real estate lawyer to finalize the purchase of your new home or investment property.
Receive professional legal oversight and practical suggestions while a committed lawyer completes your real estate purchase.

Contact us if your property purchase is a:

1-3 Family
Vacant Land
New Construction
Foreclosure/Bank Owned
Short Sale

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Our flat fee legal services for buyers of residential real estate include at least the following:

Our flat fee real estate lawyers typically charge only $950 + closing costs** for a standard real estate transaction.

**3rd party services, title insurance, taxes, etc. are separate. See retainer agreement for details.

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Reasons to hire a real estate lawyer:

Allow yourself some peace of mind

Now that you have found a property and an offer accepted, reduce your stress and workload.

Protect your rights with a true legal ally

Your lawyer is the only advisor without a financial gain or conflict of interest in your purchase.

Stand strong, don't deal with it alone

Have a gatekeeper that knows the law fight for your best interests from real estate contract to closing.

Common Questions

Q: Should I hire a real estate attorney for the purchase of my residential property or represent myself?

A: As attorneys we believe it is in your best interests to hire a real estate attorney for the purchase of your new home or investment property. In New York, buyers of real estate typically retain a real estate lawyer when they buy a home, especially first time home-buyers. In New Jersey, the practice differs depending where the property is located. There is no law in either jurisdiction that says you must hire a real estate lawyer, but it is probably a good idea to get a real estate lawyer before you enter into a contract of sale.

If you are purchasing a home for the first time and have no experience with real estate transactions why take the chance you might miss something? After all, you are about to make a serious financial commitment, make sure sure the purchase of your new home or investment property does not come with major problems.

With our flat fee legal services there are no hidden hourly fees so you can budget appropriately and still receive quality legal representation. Peace of mind is truly priceless.

Q: What should I expect as a buyer of real estate during the real estate transaction process?

A: Once a seller accepts your offer, make sure not to commit anything in writing before you speak to your real estate attorney. After the seller's attorney sends the initial contract of sale, your attorney reviews it and confirms whether it reflects the terms of your agreement.

Prior to or during this time have a professional conduct a home inspection of the property that you want to buy. If there are any repairs or issues with the property pass this information on to your attorney to request repairs be made before closing or use it as leverage to negotiate a change in purchase price.

Assuming you agree on which repairs the seller must make or whether to lower the purchase price, and other terms have been successfully negotiated, a real estate contract is signed by both parties. Then a title search is ordered, you obtain financing or provide proof of funds if it is an all cash deal, and get Board approval (coop), or handle any requested legal formalities (condo).

When all conditions of the transaction have been met and the title report comes back with no issues, a real estate closing date is set. At the real estate closing all final documents are signed, you or your bank attorney tender certified payment to the seller, and you receive keys to your new home. Immediately after closing you should inspect your property to make sure it is "vacant" and in "broom swept" condition, and that nothing has changed since your final walk-through.

Q: Are there additional costs that I should plan for besides legal fees?

A: Yes, as a buyer you will have third party costs that you are responsible for. Typically, you need to plan for title search and/or insurance costs, home inspector or engineers to inspect the property, certain taxes due at closing, mortgage fees if not paying all cash, appraiser, and the possibility that there may be other legal fees or third party services you need.

When a seller has accepted your offer and you need a buyer's real estate lawyer for a real estate transaction, we can help. A real estate buyer's attorney always reviews your real property purchase in a professional capacity as if it was their own. Upon receipt of the contract, a lawyer will review the agreement and make sure the terms of your deal are properly reflected in the document before you sign anything. In fact, it is highly recommended that you have a lawyer before an accepted offer exists. Do not take the chance that while you find a real estate lawyer to represent you as a buyer of real estate the seller has time to change their mind or show the property to other interested parties. If you have not done so already, our lawyers request the accepted offer be made in writing even before a real estate contract has been signed. Then, we negotiate on your behalf as per your instructions and provide real estate advice of the risks or liabilities so that you are aware of the legalities. During the period between contract signing and closing, we are your point of contact and do our best to guide you to a successful real estate closing. A lot happens in between contract and closing that may change the deal. Third party agents provide many necessary services such as title insurance, financing, inspections, surveys and so on. Should issues arise that are a deal breaker or require immediate attention, your real estate buyer's lawyer will work diligently in your best interests to resolve anything that might jeopardize the transaction. Once a closing has been scheduled, a real estate closing lawyer will be there with you and any other parties that represent you on the appointed day. No reason to pay higher fees for comparable services, hire an affordable flat fee real estate lawyer for New York, New Jersey, or Pennsylvania today. Our law firm offers flat fee real estate legal services for an affordable rate that should fit your budget. We look forward in assisting you.