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Business Legal Services

Make the right decision for your business - work with a reliable, competent lawyer.

From starting a business, to running or selling it, a business lawyer makes a real difference.

The many ways we can help your business:

We provide legal services to business owners in NY, NJ & PA. Contact us to learn how we can assist you and your business.

Business Formation

Once you choose a business structure right for you, a lawyer drafts preliminary paperwork and registers your business.

Business Operations

Keep your business running smoothly. A lawyer helps you with the legalities of operating a business so you can focus on its success.

Registered Agent

Appoint a lawyer as your registered agent to receive your company's important documents and notices so you can run your business.

Legal Compliance

Make sure to comply with legal requirements for your business such as an EIN, biennial statement, annual report, state tax id, etc.

Licenses & Permits

Have a lawyer take care of any licensing or business permit regulations. Ensure your business can legally operate disruption-free.

Forms & Agreements

A lawyer prepares or reviews a contract or legal document such as a shareholders or independent contractor agreement.

Buying or Selling

Involve a lawyer during the sale or purchase of your business. It minimizes risk and provides legal clarity during the transaction.

Legal Advisory Plan

Every business need legal help prior and throughout its existence. Invest in an advisory plan: monthly, quarterly or yearly.

Legal Consultation

Schedule a telephone call, video conference or in-person meeting with a lawyer to answer legal questions or consult on a legal matter.

Our flat fee business lawyers can deliver any of the following services or products:

We charge as low as $500 + filing fees for a standard business registration, and start at $1,500 + filing fees for more involved business filings. See our fees page to learn more. Some other business legal services we offer are:

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A flat fee lawyer is only a phone call, text or click away.

We also offer legal consultations by email, phone/video or in-person.

Schedule an appointment today and speak to a business attorney at your convenience.

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Common Questions

Q: Can I bundle business legal services together for a bulk discount?

A: Yes you can, we offer bundled business legal services, ongoing monthly, quarterly or yearly plans and the option to consult with a business lawyer when you need business legal advice. You can also bundle other legal services such as trademark and copyright, or escrow attorney services if you want. Just ask us how we can help you achieve your business legal needs.

Q: Can you represent me in commercial litigation?

A: At the present our flat fee model applies to transactional matters only. Litigation services are available for an hourly rate and not covered by this website. Contact us directly to learn about our hourly litigation rates. We can provide you with a legal opinion on a business issue if you like, but we do not represent clients in court at this time for a flat fee.

The flat fee we quote for a legal opinion will depend on the complexity of your legal issue. We schedule a phone or video call and provide you an answer or for an extra fee draft a written legal opinion.

Also, please be aware that our legal opinion will not necessarily give you a clear cut answer. This is the risk of litigation when both sides have a valid claim. An actual judicial decision can go either way depending on the facts, law, venue, behavior in court, presiding judge, etc. We do our best to present both sides of the argument based on material facts and laws, but cannot guarantee an actual outcome under any circumstances.

Q: Will I work with the same lawyer each time?

A: If you select an all-inclusive service or ongoing legal plan, then we make every effort to ensure you work with the same attorney each time. This means that he or she will be your point of contact whenever possible. Even if your assigned attorney is unavailable, they will review your file with the substitute attorney and follow up to make sure you are satisfied.

Of course people relocate, change careers or employers, but we do make an effort to nurture a long-term business relationships by assigning you the same lawyer each time if you are satisfied with them.

Helpful Resources

Flat Fee Business Lawyers

"My lawyer first registered my business with the state, then drafted necessary contracts, and now advises me on issues that regularly come up during my business operations. All pricing was on a flat rate. I chose the quarterly legal advisor plan for ongoing services. The legal help made a difference to my business." - Darius S., Queens, NY

Find a flat fee lawyer to help with starting a business so you stay within budget. Business formation is one of the many flat fee legal services that we offer to help your small business succeed. If you are entering into a business with a partner, you should also have a lawyer create a shareholders agreement before you open your business. A lawyer can advise you on which business structure works best for your specific situation. Once your business is registered it will take additional steps to change your business type. Make sure to pick the right business structure before you open your business. Running a business always requires preliminary and ongoing legal compliance. Have a lawyer help with business licensing requirements or any business operation needs. Whether you need a contract drafted, or want a lawyer to be your registered agent, we offer flat fees for all our business legal services. Should you decide to buy or sell a business, it will require an agreement and an exchange of funds for assets. Use a flat fee lawyer to save on legal costs while still getting quality legal assistance. Through our legal advisory plan we offer a convenient and affordable way to have a lawyer available whenever you need legal assistance or want continuous legal services for your business. Regardless what type of business you have, our flat fee lawyers are available for a legal consultation at your convenience. We look forward to assisting you with your business legal needs for the life of your business.