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Estate Planning Lawyer

Create a solid estate plan for your loved ones to ease the burden of your passing.

Preserve your estate according to your wishes, provide final instructions for end-of-life care, and specify how you would like to transfer your property to your heirs.

Estate planning flat fee legal services:

We offer flat fee estate planning services in NY, NJ & PA. Please contact us directly to discuss your estate planning needs. Along with wills and trusts, we offer bundle deals that include medical and legal paperwork in case of an emergency.

Last Will and Testament

Have your last wishes honored and your loved ones protected. A will gives clear instructions in case of your unfortunate passing.

Living Will / Health Care Proxy

An advanced healthcare directive that clarifies your healthcare decisions in case you cannot communicate your decision at a later time.

Revocable & Irrevocable Trusts

Give permission to someone you trust to manage your important financial and legal matters or completely transfer asset ownership rights.

Durable Power of Attorney

Make sure to comply with legal requirements for your business such as an EIN, biennial statement, annual report, state tax id, etc.

Medical Order for Life Treatment

Used for patients with serious medical conditions expected to pass away within a year. Not a substitute for a health care proxy or living will.

Do Not Resuscitate Order

Provides medical professionals instructions not to administer special life saving measures in the event that your life is in jeopardy.

Why do you need an estate plan?

To have a last will, trust or healthcare proxy

To transfer your property exactly as you want

To avoid state laws making a decision for you

Our estate planning legal services can include any of the following deliverables:

We typically charge $750 for a standard / simple final will and testament, and for married couples $1,000. Complex will and testaments start at $1,500. Additional legal and medical documents are available for a more comprehensive estate planning bundle:

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Common Questions

Q: Do you draft any type of will or trust, or is there a limit?

A: We will draft a last will and testament or trust specific to your legal needs, but there are limitations. We do have an estate value limit and do not draft complex estate planning documents if a certified public accountant advises us not to.

Complex estates require tax support that we currently offer only when a certified public accountant is involved, hence we typically do not handle complicated estate planning matters without such a team member. Complex estate planning usually requires an additional fee. This applies to both wills and trusts.

We welcome your inquiries and as we continue to develop our legal services we will continue to grow, but for now we maintain an estate value limit and deliver complex estate planning documents at our discretion only.

Q: Can I choose your law firm to be an Executor or Trustee?

A: At the present we do not accept offers to be an executor of a last will and testament, or trustee of a trust. We will offer the opportunity to be your executor or trustee in the near future. Please check back with us if you still need these legal services.

Q: Do you offer additional services such as disinterested witness signing or estate administration?

A: No, at this time we do not offer additional services besides the drafting of your estate plan documents. We do provide you with step-by-step instructions to help you make your last will valid in New York or New Jersey. We also do not provide estate administration services at this time, only estate planning legal services.

However, we do provide a bundle discount if you need more than one estate planning document. Please visit our flat law fees page to learn more.

Helpful Resources

Our estate planning legal services provide many options for your to choose from. The first satisfying the need to create a last will and testament. A last will allows you to choose who will receive your property and how you would like to transfer property to your heirs. It also provides instructions who will take care of your children and the person that will settle your a airs after you die. Another option we provide is to create a living trust also known as a revocable trust or inter vivos trust. This legal document allows you compile your assets in one place so your estate can be privately distributed in an e cient manner after you are gone. An advantage of a living trust is that it may help you avoid probate saving your family or loved ones time and money. Even an uncontested will requires probate administration, a trust does not. You can also have an irrevocable trust created which is when you give up control of your assets and provide instructions how it should be used for a beneficiary or beneficiaries. A key element of an irrevocable trust is to relinquish control of your assets and the right to change the language of the trust. A third but important option in estate planning is a health care proxy or living will. An advanced healthcare directive provides instructions on what to do if you are hurt or disabled and cannot decide for yourself. It includes a durable power of attorney for healthcare decisions which instructs a trusted person what to do if you need lifesaving treatment, and also designates someone to make financial decisions when you are incapacitated. An estate planning bundle incorporates any legal documents that you want to have to protect your estate, yourself and your loved ones. When you give your family clarity and peace of mind it ensures that your assets are enjoyed by your heirs, not drained by court and legal costs. Transfer your ownership of your assets during your life or at the time of your death. A flat fee attorney can help set up an estate plan based on your specific needs usually for a fraction of the cost of an hourly attorney. We look forward to assisting you with your estate planning needs all within your budget.