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Leases and Rental Agreements

Protect your rental property or leasehold rights.

Clarify your agreement in writing. Limit your liability and specify the details unique to your rental situation.

Types of leases, subleases, licenses, and rental agreements we offer:

We will prepare, review and/or negotiate a lease, or its equivalent, on your behalf. Should you need a rental agreement drafted or reviewed not listed below, contact us to find out whether we can help.

House Rental

Room Rental

Apartment Lease

Lease Assignment

Parking Agreement

Sublease or License

Our flat fee legal services to create or review a rental agreement such as a lease, sublease, or license, include at least the following:

Typically, our legal flat fee for preparation or review of a basic rental agreement is only $500. A rental agreement with more details or negotiations should be about $1,000 - $1,500, while a complex lease agreement starts at $2,000.

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Find a rental agreement that's right for you: lease, sublease or license?


A residential lease agreement defines duties and responsibilities between a landlord and tenant.


A residential sublease spells out a living arrangement between the main tenant and other tenants.


A license provides a limited right to enter or use certain features of a property or its infrastructure.

Common Questions

Q: Will you provide legal advice for what type of rental agreement I need?

A: Yes, as part of our services we not only draft or review a legal document, but also identify which rental agreement you need. We also explain any legal issues we might discover with your rental situation so that you are aware of your legal rights as a landlord, tenant or subtenant.

Q: Besides a rental agreement, I need advice on a landlord-tenant situation, can you help me?

A: Yes. We offer flat fee legal consultations on landlord-tenant questions. You submit your legal question and factual scenario, then from the information you provide we generate a legal opinion based on relevant law.

The flat fee we quote will depend on the complexity of your legal issue. We schedule a phone or video call and provide you an answer or for an extra fee draft a written legal opinion.

Please be aware that our legal opinion will not necessarily give you a clear cut answer. This is the risk of litigation when both sides have a valid claim. An actual judicial decision can go either way depending on the facts, law, venue, behavior in court, presiding judge, etc. We do our best to present both sides of the argument based on material facts and law, but cannot guarantee an actual outcome.

Q: Do you provide landlord-tenant representation in Housing Court?

A: Unfortunately at this time we do not. We are currently working on developing this practice area and look forward to providing landlord-tenant legal services in the near future. Please check back frequently to see the new practice areas that we add.

Helpful Resources

Before you rent your property to a tenant or subtenant, speak to a lawyer to reduce your liability. As a landlord or primary tenant, help protect yourself from potential landlord-tenant issues by having a lawyer draft a residential lease agreement or sublease. As a landlord you want a lease to make sure there is a formal record of the agreement you have with your tenant. As the primary tenant you are responsible to the landlord, so you definitely want a sublease with your subtenant if there is one, just in case you need to protect yourself. The inverse is also true, if you are a tenant or subtenant and your landlord does not have a lease ready for you then give your landlord a lease form. Even if your landlord does have a lease form, have a lawyer review your lease before you sign anything. Whether you need a rental lease agreement drafted or as a prospective tenant want a lawyer to review your lease, it pays to formalize your rental agreement in writing. If you are about to enter or are currently in a landlord-tenant relationship without a written lease then you leave it up to the default law of your state and a judge to decide landlord-tenant issues. A lease or sublease makes it official and allows you to agree on lease terms such as the length of the lease, amount of rent, and security deposit by putting it in writing. If you are a homeowner who wants to rent a room in your home to a tenant then you may need a room rental agreement. If you are looking to rent a driveway or garage in your house, a license agreement may be the best option. There are many different rental agreements to choose from. Even if you are simply agreeing to split utilities between roommates and need a utilities agreement form. We offer flat fee legal services in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania so you can set a proper budget. Our goal is to leave you satisfied you took the right steps to avoid potential landlord-tenant problems.