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Mortgage or Refinance

Have an attorney review and explain your real estate loan documents to you.

Make sure you understand the financial obligation you are about to enter into before it is too late.

Let us help you understand your mortgage or refinance

We review your financing terms and explain what it means in plain English.

We advise you on your legal rights and liabilities so you are properly informed.

If necessary, we can translate any written explanation into your native language.

Our flat fee legal services to review and explain a real estate loan document such as a mortgage, refinance or line of credit can include the following:

We typically charge $750 for a standard mortgage or refinance review.

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Common Questions

Q: Are you my lawyer that handles negotiations with the bank or lender?

A: No, we do not handle actual negotiations of the terms of your mortgage commitment or loan. Although we would very much like to, we understand that when a person needs money to purchase a home they usually have little to no choice. They either agree to the loan or refuse to take it outright. Of course if you insist on negotiating, or have a large portfolio, then let us know.

Most lenders will not alter their terms of a loan for a single residential purchase by an individual seeking to be a homeowner. The reality is that these documents have been drafted with meticulous precision by a team of lawyers to protect the lender and quite frankly your business is probably not serious enough to warrant a contract modification.

If we thought it could make a dfference, we would zealously negotiate on your behalf, but unless you have a lot of business to offer such as a large portfolio, it is usually a take it or leave it situation. Keep your hard earned money and find a better financing deal if possible.

Q: If you do not typically handle negotiations, what do you do?

A: We provide an explanation of the documents that you will eventually sign with your lender to finance your home purchase. These documents are complicated and may contain words or legal concepts that you are unfamiliar with. There is no shame in this, but to sign a long-term loan commitment you do not fully understand defies common sense. Basically, we simplify the loan document you are about to sign so you better understand it and can make an informed decision. We also advise you on your legal rights and risks, and answer any questions you may have.

Q: English is not my first language, do you provide an explanation in a foreign language?

A: Yes, once we have reviewed your loan documents and prepared an explanation in plain English we can have this written explanation translated in a language of your choice for an additional fee.

Helpful Resources

Are you worried you do not understand your mortgage documents for the purchase of your home? Do you want to review your real estate loan documents with a lawyer before your closing so you feel more comfortable signing a long-term financial commitment? Thinking of refinancing or getting a line of credit but need legal advice on whether your new loan is better than your old loan? If so, our flat fee mortgage attorneys can help you understand the terms and conditions of your real estate loan agreement. Do not wait till the day of closing to ask important questions about your mortgage. At closing everybody is excited to finally conclude the real estate transaction that has been ongoing for months. Do not be a buyer that sits at the closing table and asks questions about their mortgage commitment that should have been asked earlier. Have an attorney explain your mortgage to you in a way you can understand it prior to closing. Our lawyers review your entire real estate loan agreement and prepare a brief written explanation that you can read from the comfort of your home. We can also translate our written explanation into your native language if necessary for an additional fee. Our lawyers advise you on your legal rights and responsibilities so you are better informed before you sign your real estate loan commitment. Whether a mortgage, refinancing or a line of credit, our flat fee lawyers will review your real estate loan agreement so you do not unwittingly enter into a deal that financially harms you.