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Real Estate Seller's Attorney

Hire a real estate lawyer to close the sale of your home or investment property so you can move on.

Receive legal advice and guidance while a seller's attorney handles the necessary legal work to complete your real estate transaction.

Take care of your home or investment property

1-3 Family
Vacant Land
New Construction
Foreclosure/Bank Owned
Short Sale

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Our flat fee legal services for sellers of residential real estate include at least the following:

Our flat real estate lawyers typically charge only $950 + closing costs** for a standard real estate transaction.

**3rd party services, title insurance, taxes, etc. are separate. See retainer agreement for details.

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Reasons to hire a real estate lawyer:

Allow yourself some peace of mind

Now that you have accepted an offer for you real estate sale, reduce your stress & workload.

Protect your rights with a true legal ally

Your lawyer is the only advisor without a financial gain or conflict of interest in your sale.

Stand strong, don't deal with it alone

Have a gatekeeper that knows the law fight for your best interests from contract to closing.

Common Questions

Q: Should I hire a real estate attorney for the sale of my property or represent myself?

A: As attorneys we believe it is in your best interests to retain a real estate attorney.

In New York, sellers of real estate almost always use a real estate lawyer. In New Jersey and Pennsylvania, the practice differs depending where you are. There is no law in either jurisdiction that requires you to get a real estate lawyer, but it is typically a good idea to find a real estate lawyer to work with especially if you have never conducted a real estate transaction before. After all, you have made a significant investment in your property, it's probably a good idea to make sure the sale of your home goes through as best as possible.

With our flat fee legal services there are no hidden hourly fees so you can budget appropriately and still receive quality legal representation during the sale of your home. We believe peace of mind is priceless.

Q: What should I expect as a seller of real estate during the real estate transaction process?

A: Once you accept a buyer's offer, speak to your attorney and do not put anything in writing. Allow your buyer's inspector access to find potential faults with the property. The buyer may request you make repairs prior to closing or reduce the purchase price.

Assuming you agree on which repairs to make or to reduce the purchase price, and other terms have been successfully negotiated, a real estate contract is signed by both parties. The buyer orders a title search report, obtains financing or provides proof of funds, and may need to get Board approval (coop) or handle another legal formality (condo).

When all conditions of the real estate transaction have been met, a real estate closing date is scheduled and you can move out. Permit the buyer a final walk-through before closing to inspect the condition of the property. During the real estate closing everything is finalized, certified payment is received and keys are released to the new homeowners. The property must be delivered "vacant" and in "broom clean" condition at closing.

Q: What happens if issues arise during the real estate transaction? Do I get charged more?

A: Typical issues such as repair concerns, termite or pest inspection, reasonable negotiations on purchase price or contract terms do not incur additional charges.

However, if there are material issues that need to be resolved such as Certificate of Occupancy, Release of Liens, Code violations or other deal breakers, then yes, this is outside the scope of a standard real estate transaction and there are additional charges.

We will always offer you a fair flat fee for these additional legal services and you have the option to handle it yourself or use another attorney. Sometimes the buyer is motivated enough to be responsible for clearing title, and these negotiations on your behalf do not incur additional charges.

Helpful Resources

Are you a seller that has an accepted an offer for your property and need a real estate lawyer right away? If so, look no further. Our seller's real estate lawyer will prepare a contract and incorporate the terms of the accepted offer in writing so you can stop showing your property. It is even recommended that you get a real estate lawyer before you sell your home or investment. That way once you have accepted an offer, you will be ready to go into contract right away. Once in contract, a real estate lawyer will stay in contact with the buyer's attorney and other involved parties. As a seller, you need a professional that works quickly and efficiently, yet pays attention to the details of the transaction. You want to hire a real estate lawyer that does not kill the deal, but fights zealously for you so that the price does not get reduced. You also want to hire a real estate lawyer that consults with you on any property issues, advises you on your options, and allows you to make the final decision should there be a need to change the purchase price or contract terms. Once all legal and contractual requirements are met, a closing is scheduled as the last major step. A lawyer will be present at closing to ensure you are represented by a competent real estate lawyer and will assist your lender, title agent, or any other involved parties on your behalf. A flat low fee real estate lawyer for New York, New Jersey or Pennsylvania is better than paying a high hourly fee for comparable legal services. A lawyer that charges a low flat fee will still provide dedicated legal representation. We are here to help you meet your budget and save on closing costs. Work with an affordable real estate lawyer, contact us today to get started.